Bespoke Sewage Treatment Plant Design

Designed by Marsh Industries a UK Market Leader in Off Mains Drainage

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Marsh Industries a UK market leader in off mains drainage supply has developed a unique sewage treatment plant process design programme named Gaia Sege©.

The purchase of a commercial sewage treatment plant has to ensure it maintains for many years  an excellent return on your capital investment. There are many companies offering sewage plants available in the UK, but they will not of been designed and built to your exact requirements.

We calculate using established core process equations, but by entering your details into Gaia Sege© it will enable us to tailor and accurately calculate the key variables to ensure the total processing optimisation for your site in the most cost effective way. This process can reduce your installation cost by up to 25%, this optimisation can also have improved health and safety benefits for the team on site. 

Accordingly, we will give assurances that the plant has been designed specifically to meet the exacting final effluent standards of the regulatory body, i.e. Natural Resources, Sepa or the Environment Agency. We calculate to a very high standard sludge generation and storage on a daily basis, dependent upon final effluent standards required. thus ensuring the optimisation of the primary chambers and individual clarifier's. Our design will ensure the size of the plant and installation is extremely cost effective.

Gaia Sege© utilises British Water Flows & Loads 4 data (the industry standard) to calculate the initial loadings and flows, whilst also calculating peak flows for Ammonia, TSS & BOD levels . Gaia Sege© then allows you to select the performance required i.e. BOD 10mg/litre TSS12mg/l. and Ammonia 5mg/litre, this will reduce your tankering and long term running costs.

Our unique design will enable you to specify a Marsh Ultra Polylok sewage treatment that will meet the final effluent standards for SSSI sites.

These industry leading innovations, along with Phos-loc (our phosphate reduction plant), ensure Marsh can design, build and deliver a bespoke technically designed plant to meet your exact requirements.

We know you have a choice for the supply of sewage processing but we will ensure we understand better your needs and your sites complex nature.